Corrugated rolls Market Top key Players, Demand, Opportunities And Forecasts To 2026

Corrugated rolls are made of materials such as paper boards, plastic films, crepe and tissue papers, among others. Corrugated rolls have a special elastic nature, which enable them to be delivered in rolls, and hence the name. Corrugated rolls are used for packaging of a wide variety of products including but not limited to plastic ware, steel utensils, and glass ware. Corrugated rolls are highly customizable and are available in a range of lengths and sizes to cater the vast arrays of packaging demands. Their versatility enables corrugated rolls to be used in a variety of industries which includes – plastic, food & beverage, textiles, and stationery.

Corrugated rolls are used as a form of protective packaging to ensure that products and breakable items such as glass ware and crockery are safely delivered. To increase padding efficiency, corrugated rolls are also available in single and multi-layer configurations. Growth in global trade and ecommerce are expected to be key drivers for growth of the global corrugated rolls market. Therefore, the outlook for growth of the corrugated rolls market is expected to have a positive outlook during the forecast period.

Global Corrugated Rolls Market: Dynamics

The global packaging market has undergone significant transformation during the past few decades. Increase in global trade along with the ever-growing ecommerce industry have created an absolute need for protective packaging solutions to ensure product safety across the supply chain. Corrugated rolls can be used for padding inside rigid or flexible bulk shipping and packaging solutions such as boxes and containers. Corrugated rolls are appreciated due to their flexibility and finishing, which increases their preference among producers. For instance, processed foods such as confectionery, breads and other bakery items are supplied in a variety of paper rolls including corrugated rolls.

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One key feature of corrugated rolls which is expected to facilitate increased preference among manufacturers during the forecast period is – high printability. If required, corrugated rolls can be pre-printed, which gives them an edge over their counterparts as there is high demand for packaging solutions which have high printability and can be used as a brand marketing tool. In addition, corrugated rolls are actively marketed as 100% recyclable by brands, and rightly so.

Global Corrugated Rolls Market: Geographical Outlook

The North America corrugated rolls market is expected to be in the leading position currently. However, during the 20s, the Asia Pacific corrugated rolls market is anticipated to outdo growth of the North America corrugated rolls market. This is attributed to the rapidly growing ecommerce section in countries such as India and China, both of which are slated for healthy CAGR during the forecast period. Several countries in Africa, and countries in the Asia Pacific are poised to register double digit CAGR growth during the forecast period, creating an immense potential for high demand that global manufacturers of corrugated rolls must tap into.

Most of the corrugated rolls manufacturer concentration is expected to be in Asia, with China being home to a significant cluster. These are mostly those with low to mid-range revenues. However, most of the tier-1 companies are expected to be based in North America and Western Europe. The Western Europe corrugated rolls market is expected to be spearheaded by Germany and the U.K.

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Global Corrugated Rolls Market: Key Developments

  • Active usage of modern printing methods and technologies by corrugated rolls manufacturers to gain competitive advantage
  • Growing demand for customization and versioning products putting small manufacturers in a strong position to compete

Global Corrugated Rolls Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global corrugated rolls market are –

  • Smurfit Kappa Group
  • Greenpack Industries
  • Columbia Corrugated Box
  • DS Smith Plc
  • Precision Surface Technologies