An open response to Al Jazeera and Linda Sarsour

Above: Israeli police officers dismantle metal detectors outside the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City early on July 25 after Israel’s security cabinet decided to remove metal detectors set up at the entrance to the Temple Mount compound. (Mahmoud Illean/AP)

By Rachel Lester

It seems like the far-left consensus is that this week is “not about the metal detectors.” The argument that every other holy site in the world has metal detectors so the Temple Mount should too is apparently not valid in this discussion, because Israel has “no right to put metal detectors on land or on a holy site that isn’t theirs.” My vehement disagreement with that premise aside, I can at least follow the logic from premise to conclusion. However:

1) EVEN IF you’re okay with metal detectors but not Israel being the one to put them up, don’t you think that the Waqf (who officially does administer the Temple Mount) lost its chance to do so after YEARS of standing idly by while terror attack after terror attack happened there because the Jordanian guards aren’t armed and don’t want to be?

2) EVEN IF it’s solely the symbolism of the metal detectors being Israel’s that’s the problem, why not demand that the Waqf simply buy the metal detectors or install their own instead so that Jordan can be the ones to prevent knives and machine guns from getting up to the Temple Mount for a change?

3) EVEN IF you believe in protesting (“resisting”) what you see as Israel overstepping its boundaries (the Palestinian “day(s) of rage”), why do you not differentiate between the peaceful prayers outside the metal detectors and the “protester” (terrorist) who went to a house in Halamish and murdered an innocent family?

4) EVEN IF you find murdering a family justifiable because Halamish is a settlement in the West Bank and you don’t think they have a right to be living there, do you condone the “protester” (terrorist) who attacked a man today in Petah Tikva, a city that was and would be designated to be Jewish/Israeli territory in every past and future version of a partition plan possible?

5) EVEN IF you don’t care about a distinction between “Israel proper” versus the disputed territories, do you care that the person the “protestor” (terrorist) tried to stab today is actually Arab, not even Jewish?

6) EVEN IF you think that literally anyone who lives in Israel is fair game to be attacked, do you think it might be just a little ridiculous that a Jordanian “protestor” (terrorist) took it upon himself to attack a security officer at the Israeli embassy IN JORDAN, the country that could have prevented all this by doing their actual jobs to care about security at the Temple Mount in the first place?

7) EVEN IF you think murdering or attempting to murder a settler family, an Arab bus driver, and an Israeli in another country are justifiable kinds of “protesting,” can you let me know what a person has to do to not get killed around here just because a ton of people are angry “not about the metal detectors?”


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