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Christian Zionists still uncertain about Trump — but know they’re glad Obama is out

WASHINGTON (JTA) – Barack Obama is gone and the relief among the Christian Zionists and their Jewish friends who peopled certain corners of Washington, D.C., this week was palpable.

Gary Bauer, the veteran evangelical activist, laid it out at the opening session of Christians United for Israel’s annual conference on Monday.

A year ago, “from one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the next, we had people who were not blessing Israel, they were cursing Israel,” said Bauer, who was recently named director of CUFI’s Washington office.

Now, Bauer said to applause, Pastor John Hagee, CUFI’s founder, was…

Alan Gross, after spending 5 years in a Cuban prison, is starting over in Israel

Above: Alan Gross with some of his favorite things — a pastrami sandwich and a Cuban cigar — at Loeb’s Deli in Washington, D.C., July 12, 2017. (Photo: Ron Kampeas)

By Ron Kampeas

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Alan Gross contacted me a couple of months ago over Facebook Messenger. There was something he thought I should know.

I was pleasantly surprised. I’d only exchanged pleasantries with Gross in the several times I’d seen him since his release from a Cuban prison in December 2014, ending five years of imprisonment for his work…

Israel and Russia only countries to view Trump more favorably than Obama, poll shows

(JTA) — Israel and Russia were the only two countries to have a more favorable view of President Donald Trump than his predecessor, Barack Obama, at the end of his time in office, a survey found.

The annual survey by the Pew Research Center on America’s image abroad also found that some 81 percent of Israelis have a positive view of the United States under Trump, compared with a median of 58 percent, according to the results released Tuesday.

Some 40,447 respondents in 37 countries outside the United States answered the survey from Feb. 16 to May 8.

Trump administration has not demanded settlement freeze, new ambassador to Israel says

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Trump administration has not demanded that Israel freeze settlements, the new U.S. ambassador to Israel said.

“We have no demand for a settlement freeze,” David Friedman told Israel Hayom in an interview published Wednesday.

Friedman also told the free daily, the largest circulation paper in Israel, that President Donald Trump has not outlined a specific peace plan.

“I am fairly confident that the president will not come to Israel with any particular plan or road map or with any specifics on peace,” said Friedman, noting the president’s visit next week.

“I think he has…

After new building restrictions, Israeli settlers lower expectations for Trump era

JERUSALEM (JTA) – In response to new curbs on West Bank construction, Israeli settlement supporters hoped for the best and expected the worst, tempering their initial euphoria at U.S. President Donald Trump’s election.

Pro-settlement leaders who advocate Jewish control of the entire West Bank went as far as to welcome the announcement Thursday that government would restrict construction to developed areas of existing West Bank Jewish communities. Others hoped the restrictions did not amount to a freeze on settlement building.

So far, no one was talking about bringing down the government, which has been shaking in recent weeks over the obscure…