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NY Port Authority suspect blames bombing on Israeli actions in Gaza

NEW YORK (JTA) — The suspect in a pipe bomb attack on this city’s Port Authority Bus Terminal said he was motivated by Israeli actions in Gaza, CNN reported.

Akayed Ullah spoke with authorities at Bellevue Hospital, where he was taken after the bomb went off prematurely. He was among four people injured in the attack when his homemade bomb partially detonated in a tunnel connecting the Times Square subway station with the Midtown Manhattan transit hub during Monday’s morning rush hour.

New York Police identified Ullah, 27, as a resident of Brooklyn. He is said to be of…

For Israelis in Japan, the North Korea nuclear threat is business as usual

TOKYO (JTA) — Outside this city’s largest synagogue, a wailing siren drowns out the sounds of traffic.

The cacophony alarms a boisterous group of students headed to the nearby United Nations University. Fearing an earthquake, they instinctively run into the middle of the small street in the busy, upscale neighborhood of Shibuya.

But they relax and giggle nervously when they realize that the siren emanating from the Shiritsutokyojogakkan Elementary School, opposite the synagogue, has nothing to do with seismic activity. Rather it is part of a nationwide series of drills designed to ready the population of this island nation…

In Turkey-Netherlands row, a foreboding sign for Jews

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (JTA) — The thousands of people who gathered outside the Turkish consulate of this port city on Saturday patiently waited for hours, chatting with friends and relatives.

Waving Turkish flags, they had gathered on a chilly evening to listen to a Cabinet minister from Turkey arguing in favor of a government-led referendum next month in that country. The referendum would give even greater powers to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose critics already say rules the country with an iron grip.

Erdogan is eyeing the 3 million Turkish nationals living in Europe who can cast their votes in Turkish…