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Jewish camp in Northern California ravaged by forest fire

(JTA) — Much of a Reform Jewish summer camp has been wiped out by forest fires sweeping across Northern California.

The Union for Reform Judaism’s Camp Newman, an hour north of the San Francisco Bay, has been “mostly destroyed” by the fires burning in Sonoma and Napa counties, the camp posted on Facebook Tuesday evening. Camp staff have yet to be able to visit the area.

Camp is not in session, and everyone living at the campsite — along…

Jewish reporter says she faced anti-Semitic harassment at Australian TV station

(JTA) — A Jewish television reporter for the British news station Sky News charged that harassment by a former colleague escalated into “brazen anti-Semitism.”

Caroline Marcus wrote in a column published Tuesday by the Australian edition of the Daily Telegraph that Ben McCormack plastered his work station situated next to hers with “vile cartoons depicting Jews as Hitler,” and reportedly wrote on Facebook his opinion that Israel was a “f***ing international disgrace.” He also said, referring to the Holocaust, “Your 70 years of special treatment are over.”

Marcus wrote that McCormack knew she was Jewish and that her family…

Netanyahu says non-Orthodox Jews used Western Wall deal to gain recognition

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Reform and Conservative movements in Israel of using their partnership in the Western Wall agreement as a clandestine way to gain recognition.

Netanyahu told reporters in New York on Monday night that the Reform and Conservative movements wanted to get recognition “via the backdoor, secretly, under the pretext of a technical clause of joint administration of the Western Wall,” Army Radio reporter Ilil Shahar said in a tweet.

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry condemns vandalism in Sofia Jewish cemetery

(JTA) — Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry condemned the vandalism of gravestones in a Jewish cemetery in the capital city of Sofia.

The vandalism occurred last week in the Jewish section of the Sofia Central Cemetery. It was first reported to the Shalom Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria, which posted photos of the damage on Facebook.

Photos show toppled gravestones, as well as one stone broken into three pieces.

Deputy Mayor Todor Chobanov, who is in charge of Sofia’s cemeteries, told Shalom Organization President Dr. Alek Oskar that all necessary measures will be taken to discover the perpetrators, as well as…

Jewish lesbian asked to stop working at church pantry

(JTA) — A woman from Texas was asked to stop volunteering at a local church food pantry after it was discovered that she was both Jewish and lesbian.

Carmen Hix wrote in a post on Facebook on Sept. 8 that she took a week off of work and donated over $500 worth of food to the food pantry at the Calvary Church in Friendswood, Texas, near Houston which needed extra help in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

She said that she was called in to talk to the church’s pastor, Ron Hindt, who told her she was no longer welcome…