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The JLTV team has just returned from a successful voyage to the beautiful country of Switzerland.  Host Brad Pomerance, Director Jon McCandless and Director of Photography Danny O’Brien traveled to Basel, the twin towns of Endingen and Lengnau and Zurich – in preparation for the next installment of the JLTV global travel series, Air Land & Sea. 

While in Basel, the JLTV crew visited the Hotel Trois Rois, where in 1897, Theodor Herzl stayed during the First Zionist Congress.  After rejections from other European cities, the Zionists were welcomed in Basel and held the first Zionist Congress in the concert…

Germany delays official signing of sub deal over corruption investigation by Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Germany has delayed the official signing of an agreement to sell three new submarines to Israel over a corruption investigation into the multibillion-dollar deal.

The signing of the official memorandum of understanding for the sale had been scheduled for next week in Germany but has been postponed indefinitely, Ynet reported Tuesday.

Germany, which has committed to paying one-third of the deal, had already authorized the sale of the submarines made by the German company ThyssenKrupp to Israel. But a clause allows the agreement to be canceled if the investigation finds that it came about due to bribery…

Prince William and Kate visit former Nazi camp Stutthof in Poland

WARSAW, Poland (JTA) – Britain’s Prince William and his wife, Kate, visited the site of the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland and met with five Holocaust survivors.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are on a five-day visit to Poland and Germany, toured the Stutthof Museum on the grounds of the former Nazi camp east of Gdansk on Tuesday.

Reports said the royal couple were visibly moved by what they saw, including displays with piles of shoes that had belonged to camp inmates and gas chambers where inmates were killed. They placed stones at the camp’s memorial to…

Netanyahu’s attorney one of 6 arrested in German sub corruption probe

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal attorney in a corruption investigation into the purchase of German submarines was placed under house arrest.

Police questioned David Shimron, 65, who is also a cousin and friend of Netanyahu, on Monday and placed him under house arrest for three days, it was announced Wednesday following the lifting of a gag order. He was among several people questioned this week, and at least six were arrested, in an investigation known as Case 3000.

Police suspect a series of crimes was committed surrounding the purchase of three submarines from the German company…

Israel will welcome ‘genuine cease-fire’ in Syria, Netanyahu says

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will welcome a “genuine cease-fire” in Syria.

Netanyahu’s comments came Sunday as a cease-fire brokered by the United States and Russia went into effect in southwest Syria, near the border with northern Israel’s Golan Heights.

“Israel will welcome a genuine cease-fire in Syria, but this cease-fire must not enable the establishment of a military presence by Iran and its proxies in Syria in general and in southern Syria in particular,” Netanyahu said Sunday during the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Netanyahu said he had “had deep discussions about this last week with…