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Festival organizers in Krakow ask: Who speaks for Jewish culture?

KRAKOW, Poland (JTA) – For four days this summer, a trio of artists and performers dressed in rabbinical-looking garb took turns sitting at a table behind an open air booth hawking good luck to passers-by alongside a bustling street in the heart of Kazimierz, this city’s lively Jewish quarter.

Playing the character of the “Lucky Jew,” the actor sat at a desk laden with an accounting ledger, an old-fashioned inkwell and a quill pen in a small theatrical set designed to resemble a picture frame. The scene was a look-alike of a Polish folk painting depicting a traditional-looking Jewish…

Sen. Charles Schumer slams proposed Trump budget cuts to security grants

NEW YORK (JTA) — Sen. Charles Schumer, citing threats to Jewish sites across the United States, slammed President Donald Trump’s budget proposal for jeopardizing a security assistance program for nonprofits that benefits Jewish institutions.

“At a time where perpetrators are terrorizing the Jewish community across the country, even here in New York, it makes no sense to slash FEMA’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program; we should be putting more money in terrorism prevention for at-risk non-profits, not less,” Schumer, D-N.Y., the Jewish minority leader of the Senate, said Monday in a statement to JTA.

“These federal dollars have been critical in making sure…

At Jewish schools hit by bomb threats, trying to teach students just enough to cope

NEW YORK (JTA) — On the morning of March 7, Rabbi Beth Naditch found out that two of her three children’s schools had received bomb threats.

The anonymous calls placed to the MetroWest Jewish Day School and the Solomon Schechter Day School in suburban Boston turned out to be hoaxes, like the rest of the calls placed to some 120 Jewish institutions since January.

And while the news was shocking, the threats were something Naditch and her husband had tried to make sure their sons — ages 9, 12 and 14 — would be ready for.

A week earlier,…

At least 7 JCCs receive bomb threats on Purim

(JTA) — At least seven Jewish community centers in the United States and Canada received bomb threats while they were hosting Purim events.

The threats, either called in or emailed, were reported Sunday at JCCs in Rochester, New York; Chicago; Indianapolis; Milwaukee; Cleveland; Houston, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Most of the JCCs were evacuated and searched. None of the threats turned out to be credible.

For some of the centers it was their second threat in the past week.

The threats are part of a wave that has hit JCCs, Jewish schools and other Jewish institutions since the start of 2017. More than…

Website for Detroit-area Walk for Israel hacked with anti-Semitic messages

(JTA) — The website for the metropolitan Detroit area’s Walk for Israel was hacked and peppered with hate-filled and anti-Semitic expressions.

The messages appeared on the site’s home page for about three hours Tuesday, according to local reports.

The West Bloomfield Police Department is investigating and could involve the FBI, according to reports.

Thousands of walkers, Jews and non-Jews, participate in the march, which is marking its 12th year.

Andre Douville, CEO of the Walk for Israel, told the CBS affiliate in Detroit that he began getting phone calls at around noon Tuesday telling him there was a…