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Israeli Army Destroys Mile-long Hamas Tunnel Used to Target Southern Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Israeli army destroyed a tunnel built by the terrorist group Hamas that crossed from Gaza into Israel.

The tunnel, nearly a mile long, originated in the Khan Younis area of the central Gaza Strip and stretched more than 200 yards into Israeli territory. It branched off in several places to connect to the network of Hamas tunnels under Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces said, and was equipped with power and telephone lines.

The IDF said in a statement that it was the 15th tunnel that it has located and destroyed in the past year, part of a network of…

NASA Signs Deal with Israel Space Agency for Lunar Mission

JERUSALEM (JTA) — NASA has signed an agreement with the Israel Space Agency and the Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL to collaborate on the Jewish state’s unmanned moon mission slated to launch from Cape Canaveral next year.

The landing would culminate eight years of collaboration on the $88 million project. If it succeeds, Israel will become the the fourth country to reach Earth’s rocky satellite. The spacecraft’s journey to the moon will last about two months. The Israeli craft will be the smallest to land on the moon, weighing only 1,322 pounds.

Upon its…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Haifa U

JERUSALEM (JTA) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Haifa.

The university said it was awarding the honorary degree in recognition of her leadership grounded in principles of equality, freedom and human rights; for serving as a model to women around the world; in appreciation of her warm friendship and robust ties between The Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Israel.”

The degree will be conferred Oct. 4 at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where Merkel will meet with a diverse group of graduate students…

Israel Closes Gaza Crossing After Rioting Palestinians Damage Infrastructure

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel closed the only pedestrian crossing with Gaza after rioting Palestinians damaged infrastructure.

The Israeli military announced its closure of the Erez crossing on Wednesday morning following clashes the previous day between hundreds of Palestinians and Israeli soldiers left several Palestinians injured. Israeli troops responded to the violence, including rock throwing and vandalizing infrastructure.

About 1,000 Gazan Palestinians enter Israel each day through the Erez crossing, including students, businesspeople and those seeking medical care, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

The closure will remain in place until repair to all of the infrastructure, according to the IDF,…

Joe Lieberman lauds John McCain’s accommodation of Jewish observance, love of Jerusalem

WASHINGTON (JTA) — In his eulogy for his close friend John McCain, Joe Lieberman recalled McCain’s accommodation of Lieberman’s Jewish observance and his love of Jerusalem.

Lieberman, the former senator from Connecticut, recalled traveling around the world with McCain, the Arizona Republican senator who died last week, together with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.; the three focused on foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East.

Lieberman, speaking Saturday at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., recalled McCain…