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George Soros compares Hungarian government campaign against him to Nazi propaganda

(JTA) — Jewish American billionaire George Soros said the current Hungarian government campaign against him evokes “Europe’s darkest hours,” referring to Nazi German propaganda.

“I am distressed by the current Hungarian regime’s use of anti-Semitic imagery as part of its deliberate disinformation campaign,” Soros said in a statement issued in his name on Tuesday, according to reports.

The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has paid for a nationwide campaign vilifying Soros over his support for efforts to allow migrants to enter the country. Jewish leaders there say the campaign against Soros has stoked anti-Semitic sentiment in the country.

Billboards posted nationwide…

A Knesset bloc unveils its plan for peace: Total Palestinian surrender

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Israel has already defeated the Palestinians. All that’s left is for them to surrender.

That, at least, was an argument being made in Jerusalem this week. Led by the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum, pro-Israel leaders and analysts gathered here to highlight local support for their aim of reframing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict internationally.

“After more than a century, the conflict is really over,” Daniel Pipes, the forum’s president told JTA. “As an American, I would like my government to say to the Israeli government, ‘Do what you need to do to convince the Palestinians they lost.’”

Pipes on…

How Gaza’s electricity crisis could spell trouble for Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) –  An internal Palestinian dispute has left the Gaza Strip’s nearly 2 million Palestinian residents dangerously vulnerable to a heat wave, and Israel vulnerable to a diplomatic and security crisis.

The West Bank Palestinian Authority has recently sharply reduced electricity to Gaza with Israel’s cooperation. The electricity cuts are part of a power play by the Palestinian Authority against Hamas, its rival Palestinian faction that governs the territory.

In response, Hamas has looked to Egypt for help — a development that could auger further division between Gaza and the West Bank and possibly greater bloodshed in the next Israel-Hamas war.

Controversial Israeli conversion bill delayed for 6 months

(JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a six-month delay in consideration of a controversial bill that would have made the haredi Orthodox-dominated Chief Rabbinate the only body authorized by the government to perform conversions in Israel.

Following an outcry by non-Orthodox streams in Israel and abroad, Netanyahu’s office announced Friday that the legislation will not advance while a “team” he’ll appoint comes up with recommendations for an “arrangement” on the issue.

The status quo on conversions to Judaism in Israel would remain for six months, under an arrangement reached between Netanyahu and his haredi Orthodox coalition partners.

Iranian protesters say destroying Israel is Muslim world’s top priority

(JTA) — Protesters attending anti-Israel rallies across Iran declared that destroying the Jewish state is “the Muslim world’s top priority.”

Iranians participating in Quds Day, a worldwide event held annually to protest Israel and Zionism, also called for unity among pro-Palestinian groups against the “child-murdering” Israeli government in a statement released after the marches, according to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

The resolution also criticized the U.S. and Saudi governments for their treatment of Iran.

Millions of Iranians took to the street Friday for the anti-Israel protest, according to Tasnim. Their supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday that Quds Day was “the symbol of fighting…