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US congressmen questioned by Israeli police after removing olive branch from Temple Mount

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Two U.S. congressmen were questioned by police after they removed an olive branch from the Temple Mount compound.

Reps. Scott Tipton of Colorado and David McKinley of West Virginia, both Republicans, visited the site holy to Muslims and Jews on Thursday morning. They are part of a weeklong fact-finding mission hosted by Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, a pro-Israel evangelical group, and Jaffe Strategies, which runs a pro-Israel lobby group.

The Islamic Waqf guard that was accompanying the congressmen complained to the Israel Police escort about the action. It is forbidden to remove objects from the…

Circumcision ban will prevent Jewish community life in Iceland, Scandinavian Jews warn

(JTA) — The leaders of the Jewish communities of four Nordic countries said that a bill proposing to ban nonmedical circumcision in Iceland “will guarantee” that no Jewish community is established there.

The presidents of the umbrella groups of Jewish communities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland issued the unusual warning Tuesday in an open letter to all Icelandic lawmakers in reaction to the submission last month of a bill proposing to ban all nonmedical circumcision of boys younger than 18 in Iceland, a Scandinavian island nation of some 300,000 people with a few hundred Jews and Muslims.

Lawmakers from…

French Muslim TV contestant who sang Leonard Cohen cover quits over controversial Facebook posts

(JTA) — A Muslim singer who moved many viewers in France with her rendition of a Leonard Cohen song on “The Voice” left the television show following the discovery of her conspiracy theories involving terrorist attacks.

Mennel Ibtissem’s departure was announced Thursday, a week after anti-racism groups, including Jewish ones, began calling for her dismissal over remarks she wrote on Facebook in 2016. In those post she suggested that the authorities, the media or both were making up reports that Muslims were behind terrorist attacks.

“I am anguished by the tensions that have come up in recent days,” Ibtissem, who in 2015…

Germany establishes an anti-Semitism commissioner

(JTA) — Germany’s parliament voted to establish a commissioner to deal with anti-Semitism in the country.

Four mainstream parties endorsed the proposal, which noted that while most anti-Semitic crime in Germany is attributable to the far right, there are increased concerns about anti-Semitism among recent refugees and migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

All the mainstream parties supported the measure with the exception of the Left Party, which abstained in disagreement over wording related to migrants. The anti-immigrant…

Bomb discovered at Israeli holy site ahead of planned visit by 1,000 Jewish worshippers

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli security forces discovered and destroyed in a controlled detonation a bomb planted at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus.

The bomb hidden in a cellphone was discovered during a security check late Monday night ahead of a visit by 1,000 Jewish worshippers.

Following the destruction of the bomb, the early Tuesday morning pilgrimage took place as planned.

As the group was leaving the site, Palestinian protesters threw rocks at the buses as well as the soldiers guarding them. No injuries were reported, though the buses were damaged.

Joseph’s Tomb is holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Israeli…