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Scarlett Johansson to Portray German Mom Who Hides a Jewish Girl From Nazis

Scarlett Johansson is on board to star in a film in which she would portray a German mother hiding a Jewish girl in her home from the Nazis.

“Jojo Rabbit” centers on a young German boy who finds out about his mother’s heroism, Variety reported on the Fox Searchlight film.

The character of the son still needs to be cast. Production is expected to start this spring, Variety reported.

In Europe, the issue of rescue of Jews by non-Jews during the Holocaust is controversial. In Eastern Europe especially, government-led projects meant to highlight the actions of relatively few local rescuers…

Peru’s president, son of Jewish refugee who fled Nazis, resigns over vote-buying scandal

RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Peru’s president, whose father was a Jewish refugee who fled the Nazis, offered his resignation a day after the release of videos that showed key allies trying to buy the support of opposition lawmakers.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, 79, spent months fighting off attempts to oust him and had vowed not to resign. But he faced an impeachment trial set for Thursday, which he appeared likely to lose, and the release of the videos made his decision inevitable.

“I don’t want to be an obstacle for our nation as it finds the path to unity and…

Polish government backs away from Holocaust-denying remarks by prime minister’s father

(JTA) — A Polish official said that Holocaust-denying comments by a former politician who is the father of the country’s prime minister do not reflect the position of the Polish government.

Kornel Morawiecki, a former senator whose son, Mateusz, became prime minister last year, said in an interview that Jews during the Holocaust moved to ghettos of their own accord to get away from non-Jewish Poles.

“Do you know who chased the Jews away to the Warsaw Ghetto? The Germans, you think? No. The Jews themselves went because they were told that there would be an enclave, that they would not have to…

Austria yanks diplomat in Israel for wearing Nazi-friendly T-shirt

(JTA) — An Austrian diplomat serving in Israel was recalled to answer questions about his wearing a T-shirt bearing the name of a 16th-century Germanic general and the date of a major battle he won.

The Foreign Ministry in Vienna said in a statement that it had decided on attache Juergen-Michael Kleppich’s recall Wednesday after media in Austria found pictures of him wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words “Stand your ground” and “Frundsberg 1525.” The shirt is available for sale on German “patriotic” web sites.

Georg von Frundsberg won a battle in 1525 against France in Italy. In 1943, the…

Poland needs a ‘Polocaust’ museum to tell story of its non-Jewish Nazi victims, government minister says

(JTA) — A Polish government minister supported calls for a “Polocaust” museum to tell the story of non-Jewish Poles killed by the Nazis.

Deputy Culture Minister Jaroslaw Sellin offered his support on Tuesday for such a museum in an interview with state media amid already strained relations between Poland and Israel, and world Jewry, over its recently passed Holocaust law criminalizing claims that the Polish nation or state is responsible for Nazi crimes.

The Nazis murdered nearly 2 million Poles during World War II and about 3 million Polish Jews.

“I think that the story of the fate of…