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Israel to revoke Al Jazeera reporter’s press card

(JTA) — Israel’s Government Press Office said it will revoke the press card of a senior reporter for the Al Jazeera network based in Jerusalem.

The press office director, Nitzan Chen, wrote in a statement Wednesday that he had decided to void the certificate and privileges it affords Elias Karram pending a hearing, citing a May 2016 interview with the Turkey-based television network Dar al-Iman in which Karram reportedly referred to his “media work [as] an integral part of the resistance and its educational political activity.” The press office says the network is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Netanyahu slams ‘fake news’ at Tel Aviv rally, calls investigations a ‘witch hunt’

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, currently the subject of multiple corruption investigations, lashed out at the “fake news” media at a rally attended by thousands of Likud Party supporters.

Held Wednesday at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, the rally was organized by coalition chairman and Likud lawmaker David Bitan, who told Israeli media he organized the rally because Netanyahu is being “persecuted” by the media and the opposition. Supporters were bussed in from around the country for the rally.

In his speech, Netanyahu slammed the “fake news” media, echoing a sign at the rally that said “Fake…

Bernie Sanders says Sheldon Adelson brags about being greedy. Here’s what Adelson really said.

(JTA) — Bernie Sanders may hope to be seen as the true face of the Democratic Party, but he doesn’t have to get there by playing fast and loose with the truth.

With Hillary Clinton out of the way, the Independent from Vermont is still in the Senate and pushing the grassroots fundraising offshoot from his presidential campaign, “Our Revolution.” It’s almost as if Sanders didn’t lose the primary fight against Clinton last year.

“Bernie Sanders’ campaign isn’t over,” a story this week in the New Yorker says. It describes his forays deep into a country won by…

Israeli family flees home after embassy guard’s name made public in Jordan

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The family of the Israeli Embassy security guard who shot and killed two Jordanians after being stabbed has left its home after a newspaper in Jordan made the guard’s identity public.

The identity of the guard, Ziv Moyal, 28, from a moshav in southern Israel, had been censored in Israeli reports, which identified him only by his first name and his photo blurred.

On Sunday, Jordan’s al-Ghad published the photo of Moyal’s embassy ID, which listed his full name in Arabic.

Moyal’s family, fearing for its safety, reportedly moved in with relatives.

During the incident, which…

Muslim worshippers stay away from Temple Mount despite removal of metal detectors, security cameras

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Metal detectors and security cameras installed at entrances to the Temple Mount for Muslim worshippers were removed, but  the religious trust that administers the holy sites there said Muslims should continue to stay away.

The Muslim Waqf said Tuesday that it rejected any security measures, including advanced technologies, calling for “completely” free worship for Muslims at the site.

That morning, the security measures that Israel had been put in place less than two weeks ago were completely removed, hours after its Security Cabinet made the decision.

Late Monday night, the Security Cabinet said it would instead…