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US-Russia cease-fire could reportedly leave Iran-backed forces within 3 miles of Israel’s border

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Iranian-backed forces in Syria could reportedly remain as close as 3 miles from Israel’s border under a recent cease-fire agreement reached by the United States, Russia and Jordan.

An Israeli official said militias allied with Iran would be allowed to maintain positions as close at 3 to 4 miles to some parts of the border while being pushed up to around 19 miles away in others, Reuters reported Monday. The positions of the rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime will affect the arrangements, the anonymous official said.

The agreement, announced in a U.S.-Russian statement Saturday,…

Rise in Russian, Turkish immigration to Israel bucking Western slump

(JTA) — Bucking a slump in Western immigration to Israel under its law of return for Jews, movement from Russia has increased in 2017 and more than doubled from Turkey.

In total, the 23,415 immigrants who have come to Israel from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30 constituted a 2 percent increase over the corresponding period last year, an interim report by the Jewish Agency for Israel showed.

The 8 percent rise in immigration from the former Soviet Union, representing 13,192 individuals, helped make up for an 11 percent decrease from the United States, which brought 2,282 immigrants to Israel.…

Chabad rabbis get back one book from disputed Schneerson collection held by Russia

(JTA) — Rabbis of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement were able to obtain in Israel a book belonging to the Schneerson collection that they are fighting to get back from Russia.

The volume was discovered recently at the Kedem Auction House in Israel and returned to the Chabad rabbis in the United States, according to a statement Thursday from the office of Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who celebrated the book’s return with the rabbis.

“The discovery of this sacred text in Israel is a simcha for Chabad and the entire Jewish community,” wrote Schumer, who is Jewish, using the Hebrew word…

Mila Kunis says local refused to let her see childhood home in Ukraine

(JTA) — Mila Kunis and husband Ashton Kutcher tried to visit the actress’ childhood home in Ukraine with her parents, but a local who opened the door would not let them in, she said in an interview.

Kunis, who is Jewish and in 2012 recalled experiencing anti-Semitism in her native Chernivtsi, recalled her August trip there with Kutcher in an interview published this month in the Net-a-Porter online magazine about fashion. The interview prompted angry and defensive reaction from locals, a Ukrainian news site reported.

Kunis, 34, was with Kutcher in Budapest, which is 375 miles west of Chernivtsi, for the filming…

Bosnian school named for pro-Nazi Muslim thinker stirs Israeli protest

TIRANA, Albania (JTA) — Israel’s Foreign Ministry has protested the naming of a school in Bosnia for a Muslim Nazi collaborator who incited anti-Semitic hatred during the Holocaust before he was executed.

The Mustafa Busuladzic Elementary School in Sarajevo dismissed the criticism over its August name change, saying that Israel “has no right to give moral lessons to others” because of the building of Jewish settlements, according to an article that appeared last month in the Klix news site.

Busuladzic, a philosopher and educator, wrote in favor of “fighting the Jews” and their “spirit” in 1943, when thousands of Balkan…