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Syrian Confesses to Attacking Kippah Wearer in Berlin and Apologizes

(JTA) — A Syrian on trial in Berlin for attacking a man wearing a kippah confessed in court to the assault and apologized to the victim.

The alleged assailant, identified as a Syrian Palestinian living in Germany since 2015, turned himself in two days after the April 17 attack. He is being tried as a juvenile.

During the attack, the assailant lashed the man with his belt and repeated the Arabic word for Jew, “Yahudi.” The victim, Adam Armouch, an Arab Israeli, filmed the attack on his cellphone; the video went viral on social media. Armouch was accompanied by a…

Theresa May Tells Netanyahu That UK Is Committed to Iran Deal

(JTA) — U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said her country was committed to staying in the Iran nuclear agreement in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in London.

“Along with France and Germany, the U.K.continues to believe [the nuclear deal] is the best route to preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. We will remain committed to it as long as Iran meets its obligations,” May told Netanyahu on Wednesday, according to The Guardian.

Netanyahu, who opposed the nuclear deal, wanted to ensure that Iran did not get a nuclear weapon and to discuss “how to roll back…

Pompeo Lays Out 12 Requirements For Signing New Nuclear Deal With Iran

(JTA) — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid out 12 requirements for signing a new nuclear deal with Iran.

Among the basic requirements Pompeo outlined on Monday morning during a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington is for Iran to withdraw all of its forces from Syria, end its support for Hezbollah in Lebanon, and to stop threatening to destroy Israel.

President Donald Trump announced earlier this month that the United States would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal signed in 2015 between Iran and six world powers, including the United States. The deal, which Trump called…

Some Jewish artifacts from Libya can still be brought into US, despite new import restrictions

(JTA) — Though the United States recently barred Libyan artifacts from entering the country, certain Jewish artifacts are exempt from the agreement, the State Department clarified.

Last month, the United States agreed to a request from Libya to bar certain Libyan artifacts from entering the country. Intended to prevent pillaging of artifacts and their sale on the black market, the agreement applied to artifacts dated 1911 and earlier. The original request by Libya, submitted last year, asked for Jewish artifacts to be included.

Activists decried the agreement, saying it gave ownership to Libya over objects, such as antique Torah scrolls, tombstones and…

An Israel-Hezbollah war could easily draw in Iran, US intelligence official warns

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A top Trump administration intelligence official warned of the “real potential” of war between Israel and Hezbollah that could bring in Iran and embroil the region in conflict.

“I worry about the prospect of real major state war in the Near East region,” David Cattler, the national intelligence manager for the Near East in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, told a Washington think tank on Tuesday.

“What if a war between Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah that emerges is not solely between them but becomes a northern war that embroils more of…