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Christian Zionists still uncertain about Trump — but know they’re glad Obama is out

WASHINGTON (JTA) – Barack Obama is gone and the relief among the Christian Zionists and their Jewish friends who peopled certain corners of Washington, D.C., this week was palpable.

Gary Bauer, the veteran evangelical activist, laid it out at the opening session of Christians United for Israel’s annual conference on Monday.

A year ago, “from one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the next, we had people who were not blessing Israel, they were cursing Israel,” said Bauer, who was recently named director of CUFI’s Washington office.

Now, Bauer said to applause, Pastor John Hagee, CUFI’s founder, was…

Avi Gabbay, ‘Israel’s Macron,’ wants to lead Labor Party from the center

TEL AVIV (JTA) — He’s charismatic. He’s an outsider. And he’s a political centrist.

Some have hailed Avi Gabbay, the telecom exec who was elected Monday to lead the center-left Labor Party, as Israel’s version of French President Emmanuel Macron, the banker who recently swept to power with an outsider campaign.

“Like Macron, Gabbay brings hope,“ said Abraham Diskin, a political science professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “People are again saying: Here is a new medicine. The old medicine didn’t cure us.”

But Israel already has two charismatic, outsider centrists in national politics. Both Yair Lapid and Moshe Kahlon…

The West Bank’s world class wines have Israelis toasting the settlements

PSAGOT, West Bank (JTA) — Psagot Winery calls its Sinai wine an “unassuming but distinctive blend” of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Like all its wines, the bottle is stamped with the image of a coin dating to the first century C.E. found in a chalky cave near its namesake West Bank settlement and inscribed in Hebrew with the words “For the freedom of Zion.” The coin, its catalog explains, “symbolizes the preservation of winemaking tradition — offering you a taste of our history.”

For Yaakov Berg, Psagot Winery’s CEO, and his West Bank competitors, winemaking in the West Bank is a blend…

These photos capture Israel’s beauty and diversity

JERUSALEM (JTA) — When the world sees photographs of Israel, they are often accompanied by reports of conflict and violence.

But a photo exhibition that opened last week at the Jerusalem Theater aims to capture the country in a more flattering light. The images, which will be on display through July 28, show Israel’s people and geography from a variety of angles — from flocks of birds descending on the Hula Valley to a little boy carrying a rainbow flag.

“I wanted to do something beautiful that would display the country’s inherent diversity,” said Karen Lehrman Bloch, the exhibition’s American co-curator. “I’m not trying to…

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Radiohead’s Glastonbury concert over upcoming Tel Aviv gig

(JTA) — British protesters disrupted the band Radiohead’s performance at a popular festival in Britain over its upcoming performance in Tel Aviv.

As Radiohead performed Friday as the headliner at the Glastonbury Festival in South West England, some waved Palestinian flags and raised a banner reading “Israel is an apartheid state. Radiohead, don’t play there,” the London-based website Jewish News reported. Some members of the audience also shouted “free Palestine.”

The band was greeted with applause as it took the stage, according to the report.

Dozens of high-profile artists signed a letter sent to Radiohead in February urging the…