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Mike Pence’s visit to Israel postponed for a few days

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Israel has been postponed by several days so he can stay in Washington to promote the Trump administration’s tax reforms in Congress, according to Israeli reports.

The final vote on tax reform in the Senate is scheduled for Tuesday, and Pence has been intimately involved in shepherding the legislation through the Senate, according to Axios.

Pence had been scheduled to arrive in Israel on Sunday to meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Under a revised but not final schedule, according to reports in the Israeli media, Pence will arrive Wednesday…

Why Jewish day schools are breathing a little easier on tax bill

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Lawmakers finalizing the proposed tax overhaul reportedly have removed a provision that had sent shivers through the graduate student and Jewish day school communities.

The House version of the reform bill, which was drafted by the Republican leadership, had removed the qualified tuition credit. The credit exempts from taxes the free tuition that private schools, including Jewish day schools, often extend to the children of employees.

However, the Senate version maintained the credit.

On Wednesday…

In stunning upset, Roy Moore heads to defeat in Alabama

WASHINGTON (JTA) — In a stunning upset, Roy Moore, the controversial Republican nominee backed by President Donald Trump in a Senate race in Alabama, was projected to lose against his Democratic challenger.

Networks called the race late Tuesday night for Doug Jones, a former prosecutor. The counting closed with Jones 1.5 percent points ahead of Moore. Jones would be the first Democrat elected to the Senate from Alabama since 1992. Moore said he would not concede until absentee ballots are counted.

Moore, a former state chief justice twice removed for ignoring U.S. Supreme Court rulings on church-state…

In Alabama’s Senate race, Jews have become an issue. It’s not a first for the South.

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Jews have come up multiple times in the Senate election roiling Alabama, a state with few of them.

Some mentions have been friendly and some, well, less so.

Among the friendly: The enthusiastic reception for President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital at a rally last week in Pensacola, Florida, that was essentially a campaign event for Roy Moore, the Republican candidate.

“Now I don’t know about you, but when I heard about Jerusalem — where the King of Kings, where our soon coming King is coming back to Jerusalem, it is…

Trump delivers Hanukkah wishes to ‘Jewish brothers and sisters’

WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Donald Trump said he was “proud to stand with the Jewish people” on Hanukkah.

“Melania and I wish all of our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrating this meaningful holiday a happy and healthy eight nights in the company of those they love,” Trump said in a message Tuesday evening, the first night of the eight-day holiday, and naming the first lady.

“On this holiday, we are proud to stand with the Jewish people who shine as a light to all nations. We also stand with the people of Israel, the Jewish State, which…