4 Things to Consider When Making DIY Garage Shelves

Did you know that you can build and decorate your very own garage shelves at home? You do not have to pay for anything, and the experience of doing it proves to be a fun learning experience. Instead of buying everything for your garage, why not try doing it on your own? DIY garage shelves can be cheaper, and you can customize them however you like.

In this article, we will be giving you four things to consider when creating your very own garage shelves. You should put these into mind before you even pick up that hammer. With these, you don’t have to seek assistance from experts and try to experiment on your own. You’ll never know it might be a new hobby for you.

The Materials

If you’re high on budget, you should consider materials such as mahogany, koa, or African padauk. These types of woods are the best materials for making garage shelves. This is because of their high durability, strength, and longevity. Avoid doing trial and error, and research everything you need to have before doing anything. 

You should also avoid building your shelves from materials such as softwoods, particleboard, or MDF. They tend to scratch easily and fall under a lot of weight. Adding to that, these types of materials are low-quality and aren’t sturdy enough to support the things you’ll be putting on your shelves for a long time.

Space of Your Garage

It is known that an average garage is typically the biggest room in the house beside the basement. Most people tend to neglect these garages and just leave it as an empty space. They don’t even bother putting shelf racks for them to hang their tools like a shovel or a rake. It’s just a place for them to dump unnecessary things on the floor next to the car.

Things to Put on the Shelves

For some households, using shelves is a place to store their hand tools, small appliances, toys, equipment for the yard, or any sports equipment gathered year after year. Hence, the capacity of the weight is not the issue here. So, before even thinking about building a garage shelf, you should think about what you will be storing on them, and the weights and the sizes.

You should put in mind that when you plan to build a garage shelf, it should be able to house various types of tools regardless of the tools’ dimensions and weights. So, if you are planning to store heavy items, you should consider a sturdy shelving unit system that is perfect for accommodating accessories, vehicle parts, and accessories.

Mobility, Assembly, and Size

Most household owners usually decide on what type of storage unit they are going to build even without thinking about the challenges they are going to encounter when assembling. Some complex shelves would require you to have a wide range of tools for them to be assembled. However, there are also shelves that don’t require the use of some tools and are called boltless designs.

Another thing to put in mind when creating your DIY garage shelves is the shelf’s overall weight and size. This is an important thing to note because if you desire to move the entire shelf from one position to another. Before you decide on the size, ask yourself whether it would fit out of the door.


Doing some DIY can be your new hobby. Especially during this pandemic that we are mostly required or advised to stay at home, and we don’t have anything better to do. So, we find something to do instead. Why not get your tools, and try building something for your garage?