An Open Letter for The World Transformation

Thousands of people in the world recognize him as the most read columnist in Colombia. Many admire it, others can not stand it and some fear it. Everyone knows that he has risked his life to expose embarrassing corruption scandals and the darkest face of politics.

Maybe not everyone knows that it is the same Daniel who has published few but unforgettable columns about his family, his most difficult moments, his triumphs over death and his life inside. You knew how to reinvent yourself in exile, without victimizing yourself and without leaving a day of thinking, writing and directing solid teams of researchers, editors and producers, all in order to keep democracy and truth alive.

His columns have always been an example of firmness and a challenge with reason of being, with the responsibility and authority that give him the right and the duty to question. For you there are no insignificant lives; he knows that social protests are neither regulated nor castrated; that the dead have a name and a surname and that neither freedom nor life defoliates like a daisy at the discretion of the ruler of the day.

It will be much needed in the house that you helped so much to build prestige, audience and credibility! It was not you who kicked the lunch box: it was the lunch box that chose to run out of your main course.

We know that each of the letters you publish has support and evidence that supports it. That is why you have not been intimidated by presidents, gangsters, businessmen, violent-dependent, corrupt, assassins, prosecutors, military or congressmen.

You know that they will have their dark forces, but that you have the necessary knowledge and information to raise the right and truthful words, those that give oxygen to the right of a country, to not steal, or lie to him or disappear.

I like its value for genuine, for timely in time and space, and inconvenient for criminals. I like it, because his is not the intrepidity of the bullies of the high and low world of threats. You know what and how he writes; He knows that this can cost him his life and to shut up would cost his dignity. You can open or close any doors; the main thing is that you know why and what he became a journalist and that, my dear teacher, nobody can take it away.

You, teacher, have faced the most complex Rubik cubes of power and the worst cobwebs of corruption. Colombia knows it and respects it, and its readers will follow it wherever it goes.

I was your student in the classroom of the university and I continue to be in every life that you defend. I feel proud of that and of believing in you.

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