China Increased Pressure on US and Canada before HUWA CFO heard

On 10 December (AP) China protested against the takeover of Huawei Company’s senior executive officer in Canada, summoned US ambassador to Beijing on Sunday and canceled the order for the arrest of a senior company official from the US demanded.

Official news agency Xinhua reported that Deputy Foreign Minister Li Yuheng sent “serious protest” against Ambassador Terry Brandstead against detention of Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, in an attempt to save Iran from American sanctions on Meng.

Suspected of He was detained on December 1 when he was on a second plane to travel to Canada from Vancouver. In a news story in Xinhua, Lee told Meng’s custody “very bad” and demanded the withdrawal of his arrest order from the United States.

In the news, Lee said in reference to the US “wrong” Immediately improve the work “and he will take further steps based on the answer of the US. Earlier on Saturday, Canadian ambassador John McCullum was summoned for Meng’s custody and he was warned that if Meng did not leave it would have to suffer “serious consequences”.

Canada’s British Columbia province said in a statement Sunday that it canceled the trade campaign in China due to Meng’s custody. This announcement has happened among those fears that China can take Canadian citizens into custody.

Huawei is a global supplier of phones and internet companies, and has been targeting the United States about its relations with the Chinese government. The United States has pressurized the European countries and other partners to limit the use of Hwawaai’s technology as it could be threatened by monitoring them and stealing information.

Last week to take Meng custody Tensions in US-China trade relations increased and the stock market declined. Meng, the daughter of the founder of Huawei, was detained on that day when President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart agreed on a dinner for a 90-day ceasefire in the Chenfing trade dispute. The United States has alleged that Huawei used a fake Hong Kong company to sell equipment in Iran in violation of its restrictions.

He also said that Meng and Huawei misled American banks about their business in Iran. Rolland Paris, former foreign policy advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudo, said that China’s pressure on the Canadian government will not have any effect.

A Canadian prosecutor requested the Vancouver Court not to grant Meng bail. Canadian prosecutor John Gib Karsley said during a hearing in the court on Friday that for the arrest of Meng on August 22 A warrant has been issued in New York. Ap gola shobhan shobhana