Impact of COVID-19 on Industrial Machine Vision Lens Market

All industrial as well as non-industrial applications are encompassed by machine vision. The machine vision lenstechnology is used in providing images through the lens in the output device for inspection and analysis in several industrial applications. With the help of the machine vision lens one can extract exact information through a form of image in an automated machine. The images are mostly extracted for security monitoring and guidance of vehicles. The machine vision lensis mostly is a combination of smart cameras and smart sensors.

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As per Research Dive blog,  today’s high-performance cameras providedecreased pixel sizes, with choice of optics and correct lighting is more critical than ever. Hence, due to this constantly decreasing pixel size, the achievable system resolution of machine vision will often be limited by the lens and not the camera sensors.This makes it more important to select the right lens in a system development.

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Recent Developments in the Global Industry

With computational imaging, the machine vision lens provides greater accuracy, productivity, and reliability as it significantly develops the existing capabilities of industrial machine vision systems.The sensors in machine vision lens can be polarized andalso allows better productivity and flexibility as compared to traditional camera sensors in light polarization. The technology is advancing, and the top gaining players of the global industrial machine vision lens industry are coming up with new strategies and products to strengthen the position of the market.
Cognex is a leading manufacturer of machine vision system that offers software, machine vision systems, sensors, industrial ID readers, and surface inspection systems. In 2015, the Surface Inspection Systems Division business was sold by Cognex to U.S-based AMTEK, Inc. The products of Cognex Corporation are widely used by AMTEK, Inc. in the manufacturing sector, where technology is measuredas an important component of the quality assurance and automated product.

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In July 2016, Advantech, a global provider of platform solutions and intelligent systems across multiple markets, launched its product namely ‘AIIS series.’ The focus of the company is to provide consumers with automation related applications of machine vision system.The AIIS series improves operations by delivering outstanding performance, flexibility, and state-of-the-art computing.

In December 2018, Sony Corporation launched its 2nd generation smart camera sensor, ‘CMOS.’This smart sensor come with 16 to 31 Megapixels resolutions between 16 and 31, speeds up to 56fps, and with the company’s SLVS-EC high-speed interface running. This sensor provides high sensitivity and excellent performance.

Forecast Analysis of Industrial Machine Vision Lens Industry

Global industrial machine vision lens market  is estimated to witness a positive growth during the forecast period. Technology is playing a crucial role in creating massive opportunities for the vendors in the global market. Increasing trend towards inspection in several industries is also predicted to drive the market growth from 2019 to 2026. However, lack of skilled labor is restricting the growth of industrial machine vision lens market.

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Rising demand and growing adoption of industrial vision lens all across the globe is a significant factor giving substantial uplift to the growth of industrial machine vision lens market in the coming years. As per the Research Dive report statistics, the industrial machine vision lens market is expected to reach up to $9,537.4 million by the end of 2026. Geographically, the Asia Pacific region is likely to dominate the industry owing to availability of skilled labor and presence of large manufacturers in this region. In addition, the report profiles prominent players operating in the global market who are focusing more on introducing technology innovations and product development to maintain a strong position in the global industry.

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