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Mateo Aczino Was Ballesteros Crowned in Third Place

The secrets are few at this point in the game few doubt that the Mexican freestyler, Mateo Aczino and the Argentine, Valentín Oliva (Wos), will be the rivals to win in the international final of Red Bull Battle of the Roosters, the most important freestyle competition Spanish-speaking, which will be held on November 30 in Madrid, Spain. In that competitive line, very closely, is the Colombian MC, Camilo Ballesteros.

The Mateo Aczino three automatically classified at the end of the event after, in 2018, in Argentina, they took the podium. Wos was the champion, Azcino the runner-up and Valles-T took third place.

The last to qualify was Mateo Palacios Corazzina and won Ballesteros Crowned in Third Place, Trueno, who last Sunday was crowned champion of the national final of Argentina after defeating Carlos Damian Mansilla, Wolf, in the event that took place at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires. More than 10,000 people witnessed one of the dreams fulfilled by the 17-year-old kid of the La Boca neighborhood.

Mateo Aczino like Colombia and Mexico, will have two representatives in Madrid. The champion of the national final of Red Bull Battle of the Roosters that was played Ballesteros Crowned in Bogotá, was Martín Martínez, Carpediem. Also read: Carpediem, the metamorphosis of a rapper Carpe defeated in the final of the event Big Killa, the freestyler paisa who was looking for the two-time championship.

The other country of Mateo Aczino that will have two representatives will be Mexico. Azcino will be accompanied by Lobo Estepareo, who defeated Skiper in the final.

This year, for the first time since 2008, a participant will represent the United States in the competition. The North American country is the second in the world in number of Spanish speakers and, with its presence. Puerto Rican MC Yartzi remained with the U.S. crown 2019 after beating Jordi in the final.

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