PSOE proposes a Cinema Lottery to finance production House

Anyone wants to win the Gordo . Of course, the bled pockets of the Spanish film producers would also be good for them. To know if some of them have already acquired tenths for Christmas, but while another raffle has emerged with which they could win: a Lottery for Spanish cinema. It is one of the proposals raised by the PSOE in its electoral program and cited by the Federal Secretary of Culture and Social Movements of the party, Iban García del Blanco, in an interview with the agency Efe.

“The idea is that there is a lottery per year linked to Spanish cinema whose collection is dedicated to the creation and audiovisual production,” says one responsible for the cultural area of ​​the Socialists. In particular, the funds would go mainly to help new talent to carry out their first projects. The initiative is proposed as “a milestone”, to try to obtain the same success as the Film Festival: a special event that arrives, in this case, once every 12 months and precisely because of its exceptionality attracts more public. “Maybe you can associate with the Goya, in the same dates,” the same source adds.

In fact, two years ago that the PSOE raised for the first time the measure, which now promises to carry out if it comes to govern in the elections of next December 20. At the moment, there is no more concrete about how much could be raised thanks to the Cinema Lottery. The inspiration, however, is the British Lottery Fund , with which the United Kingdom finances several projects – cultural but not only – thanks to different draws of the lottery.

Now, it is not even clear that a special draw is exclusive of the seventh art. “We thought that the cinema is the sector that has been most affected by the crisis. If there is one area that has suffered the perfect storm, that is the cinema, “says the head of the PSOE. Hence, consider better that the idea is specifically associated with a single art, to increase the loyalty of citizens. However, the same source does not exclude the possibility of extending the proposal to the theater or any other artistic expression.

In the absence of more details, the truth is that the Cinema Lottery continues to be “one more measure, small, although perhaps public and social”, within a more ambitious program that aims to lower the cultural VAT to 10% and return to the seventh art at least some “one hundred million euros” in the General State Budget – in 2016 it will have 60, as approved by the PP Government.

The Socialists also promise to meet with the producers to negotiate possible modifications of the new law of the sector that has recently approved the Executive and that changes the aid system from a posteriori model and based on the box office to another a prioriand focused on several objective criteria. Which? It will be known once that the two ministerial orders that will launch the new model will be published in the next few days . For now, you can try to guess them. But, of course, it’s a lottery.

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