Reason by Brought Christian Michel to India

Now time has passed over two decades when the story of a princess used to draw the attention of the whole world. Now a new princess and the contrusion associated with them have drawn attention to the world.

This story is from Dubai’s princess Shekha Latifa , who has managed to escape from her country after 7 years of preparation, but her ‘independence’ has been lost again. Link to this princess is also being linked to Christian Mitchell, the alleged middleman of the Agosta Westland VVIP deal brought to India and recently.

Princess Sheikh Lateefa is the daughter of Dubai and the daughter of UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Princess Al Maktoum is one of the 30 children.

According to the BBC documentary, Latifa had made preparations to run for 7 consecutive years. Now a French detective has been accused of kidnapping Latifah along with the claim of his return from Dubai’s royal house.

The second daughter of the ruler of Dubai who tried to flee, even before Latifa, a daughter of the ruler of Dubai has tried to escape. This story is a little old. Latifa’s big princess, Shamsa, tried to run away from the Surrey estate of Britain in 2000. A few weeks later, 19-year-old Shamsa was captured by Cambridge and brought to Dubai.

This case is still unresolved because the UK police did not get permission to come to Dubai for investigation. Since trying to escape, Shamsa has not been seen in public life so far. After Shamsa, Latifa made unsuccessful attempts to run many times during the seven years, in which he once succeeded.

At the age of 16, Rajkumari Latifa had tried to escape these second princes of Dubai tried to run away at the age of 16. Before escaping this year in February this year, Latifa had published several videos by shooting one of his videos.

According to Latifa, he was caught at the time and tortured in jail for three years. Latifa has also told his father to be very cruel in the video. After this, Latifa made preparations for the second time in a very careful manner.

French espionage and martial arts trainer friend helped escape, according to the BBC’s documentary, French former French detective Harvey Jorge and martial arts trainer friend Tina helped Latifah escape.

In the documentary, Tina tells that she went to teach Latifah in Brazil’s martial art in Dubai’s royal residence in 2014. After coming in contact, Latifah asked for help from him to escape. Latifa was also in touch with former French spy Harv during this time.

Latifa, along with his trainer, boarded a small rubber boat and got out of the sea. While facing the waves, both of them managed to reach the international border in the sea, where Harv was waiting for them with a flag carrying US flag. Latifa felt that now he got rid of the alleged cruelty in Dubai’s Raj Bhavan, but he was wrong.

From here the story begins, India’s entry Latifa rides on a boat with the French Detective and goes on a journey ahead. According to the report prepared by the Guardian on the basis of the documentary, the boat is moving towards India.

Latifa felt that she would be safe there. After landing, they had planned to take a flight to Florida. Latifa wanted to seek political asylum in Florida. It is said that Latifah was caught just 30 miles before the Goa coast.

According to the Telegraph report, three Indians and two Amirati warriors surrounded their boat. The French Detective claimed that the commando took Latifah along with the crew riding on him and boat. The Indian Coast Guard of the media reports kept Latifah with him.

Now sources are being quoted as saying that in return for the transfer of ‘Princess’ Latifa from Dubai to India, Agosta’s alleged middleman Christian Mitchell has been extradited.

Nobody has seen Latifa since March and no one has heard anything about him. Before getting caught in a video, he said, ‘If you are watching this video, I am dead or in very bad circumstances.’

Latifa’s lawyers appealed to the UN to intervene in this matter and told India and UAE responsible for the disappearance of ‘princess’. Amnesty has alleged that “Indian commandos asked all the people present on the boat to be quiet on the gun’s tip and took Sheikha, while she was demanding political asylum.”

Now the United NationsAn institution of India wrote a letter to Latifa about India. The Working Group of the Human Rights Council, who has been forced or voluntarily disappeared from the people, has said that he has sent a report to Latif to India.

Meanwhile, the Dubai government issued a statement saying that Latifah is with his family. However, the Indian Foreign Ministry and Indian Coast Guard have not made any comments in this regard at this time.

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