Sara Jaramillo Popular Genre to Urban Store

I had that song recorded for eight months and I think that before releasing a single one must have at least another ten songs to be able to choose the indicated theme. Also, I come from changing gender, because before I played popular music.

I felt that I had the letter I needed at that time, because it speaks of that moment in which the couple neglects us and someone else appears. I composed it about eight months ago together with two other composers.

It changes in the music video, because we wanted to give it a different hue. What we did was handle the five stages of forgiveness when a relationship ends.

There is a part where he talks about what was lost by neglecting his partner and blaming the other. Such stories happen to many people, so the public feels very identified. It also has a part where it is calmer and sad.

Are very different. The previous song was a situation that happened to me and I feel that there has been an evolution.

Yes. It was very difficult and hard to realize that the genre in which I started was not the one, although I am very grateful, because I could be on stage, but I understood that I do not like to sing it but to listen to it; Then I decided to start over with the goal of never making a mistake again. Now I am sure of what I am doing.

I released an album of ten songs, of which I wrote four, because I really like composing. In addition, in the presentations I made covers that intercalated with my subjects to make myself known to the public.

I have been super crossover. Music has been very present in my family, because my dad is music lover. And because of a rebellion against him, I decided not to sing boleros, since it forced me to sing that sad music when I was very young, so I left because of my passion for popular music.

It has been complicated, because the popular genre and urban pop have been dominated by men and until recently women have made their way. Also, I am making music for love.

I had seven songs, but I didn’t feel my soul moving and didn’t fulfill what I wanted. One day I told a friend to help me compose and the song came out. Since I wrote it, I felt that it was.

I like to prepare a lot and that’s why I take acting classes, vocal technique, dance and body expression. In my house they taught me that everything I do I must do well. My passion is music, although I am studying social communication.

They gave me goodies in the search for what I wanted to do. My mother supported me, because I told her that I wanted to be an actress, but I realized that there were things that I liked and others that I didn’t, but all that helped me in my search, besides everything that I learned I use in my music and presentations.

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