Serbia Prime Minister Campaign On Have Babies

Apart from countries like Belgrade facing a large population problem, some countries of the world are encouraging their citizens to create children. Europe’s Serbia is troubled by not being able to increase the population and government and officials are urging people to raise their children. Serbia’s government has made special appeal to its citizens.

On behalf of the government, it is being said that children are born without delay. Due to the problem of low population population, this country has been consistently depleting the population. One of the slogans being put in this connection in Serbia is to listen to the killers of children. On the other hand, the women of the country say that they should get better support in order to increase the population.

Many people are leaving the country in Serbia and birth rates are also falling along with it. On average, there are three children in every two families in the country which is the lowest in Europe and this has reduced the population of Serbia to 70 million people.

The United Nations estimates that by 2050, the population of Serbia and up to 15 percent can be further reduced. To overcome the tendency to produce fewer children, Serbian officials have given many proposals. President Alexander Wukic said that it is based on a study which found that in the two-to-four-storey houses, the rate of childbirth is doubly higher.

Apart from this, several schemes have been brought in to motivate women and children to be born. These include maternity care law and other social security laws. Last year, a new scheme was started by the government for maternity leave.

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