Top Watch Brands in Terms of Income

A watch is considered to be a final touch to one’s outfit and personality. To some people, especially watch wearers and collectors, a person can be determined through the type and brand of watch they wear. 

While there are many watch brands in the world, it might be hard for a person to choose what brand and model to get. Just like shoes, watches should be thought of thoroughly before you buy one. It is not only some mere accessories that one wears. 

The model and brand that you wear with you will determine your personality and your status in life. If you’re looking for a watch that will showcase you, here are some of the best watch brands you can get in terms of one’s income.


Many billionaires and celebrities wear Panerai watches. Some showcase it when they are in press conferences, or even just going out for lunch on a lovely day. Panerai watches were popular even back in the days, especially during the early 20th century.

Panerai’s first shop opened during the 1860s in Florence, Italy. The shop was owned by a watchmaker named Giovani Panerai. His works were loved by many, thus, his own little shop expanded in no time, and it included a big workshop of watchmakers. 

Panerai’s shop was the first horological training center in Florence. During the early 20th century, Panerai was able to close some deals together with the Royal Italian Navy. By 1916, the company was able to make Radiomir watches, which is a radium-based shiny paint. 

There are four main model categories of Panerai. There is Radiomir, Luminor, Luminor Due, and Submersible. They also have limited edition watches that many watch experts and fans love. 

All of their limited edition models only come in limited pieces, but it sells out real quick. That is how popular Panerai watches are to the point that everyone is dying to set their hands on its latest models. Panerai prices start at mostly $5,000.


Rolex watches belong to the top five most popular brands worldwide. To many watch experts and watchmakers, they consider this brand the most famous watch company. Rolex offers none other than luxury and elegance through its watch models. 

If you go to malls, shopping centers, or even go on the internet, the most prominent result would lead you to Rolex if you search for a watch. Rolex also offers a wide variety of watch collections that suits every buyer’s personality and taste. 

For example, the Rolex Regatta model not only features a sporty design, but it also displays elegance when the person wears it. Many business people and professionals also go for Rolex watches because of its flexible design and models. Rolex watch prices approximately start at $6,000.


It’s a Japanese heavyweight watch for Seiko if there’s one luxury watch that catches interest, durability, and versatility. They have practically tons of models like sporting watches, stylish watches, shoes, and aquatic watches. 

Although the neutral viewer would perhaps assume Seiko watches are inexpensive because of their Japanese origin, because of their quality, reliability, and the extreme value, they are among the most beloved brands in the market.

Seiko is most popular because of its automatic divers watch. Their waterproof and water-resistant watches are one for the books, and many individuals who like to go on nature trips recommend buying a Seiko watch. You can get a Seiko watch as low as $100, and although it’s affordable compared to other brands, the brand does not disappoint. 


At the final moment of the day, a watch boils down to being such a personal purchase. When it is expertly picked, it can quickly become an appreciated asset or a precious gift. But if it is badly picked, it can only end up stuck in a clutter drawer’s chest. 

The trick is to decide what you desire, what you’d like to convey about yourself or the person to whom the watch is intended, and what you can handle financially. And, maybe do some analysis to try and ensure you choose the correct wristwatch. Once you get to realize all the criteria, it’s time for you to select the watch that suits you.