VII National Theater Congress was Promoted in Sports

To meet again can be to recover the collective faith in the role of art and theater. In all corners of the country, despite the war and violence, the theater lives in groups, in the halls and on the street, and is contributing like no other discipline to the story of lived events, the only way to reach to the non-repetition of the events that produced nine million victims.

That is why it is essential that all ministries and all administrations have culture projects. Culture is not just a political issue, it is the political issue par excellence, because it has to do with the way of being, doing and deciding of societies and people. It has to do, as Amílcar Cabral says, an African poet, with the answers that people are able to give to crises.

Founder of La Candelaria theater, drama teacher recently honored by the Ministry of Culture for life and work.

The version of the Ministry of Culture

The VII National Theater Congress was promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Colombian Theater Movement.

The event outlined the basic guidelines that will guide the development of a new national theater plan and the construction of a concerted proposal to strengthen the sector at the organizational level.

The Ministry reported that the national meeting served to spark a great conversation from three perspectives.

Colombian theatrical cartography: a reading of the theatrical country from the regional differences in topics such as groupings, events and actions that have managed to boost the theater development and the social appropriation of the theater.

Theater and economics: theoretical frameworks, legislation and impacts of the implementation of the Orange Economy Law.

Public policies for the theater sector, legal and regulatory frameworks: a critical balance of policies and laws directly related to the theater movement.

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