Watch History: The Story of Hublot Watches and Best Hublot Watch Picks

One of the world’s most innovative and luxurious watch brands today is Hublot. The brand is known for its unique watch models. Their watches are known to be made of “fusion,” and Hublot watchmakers have mix-matched some materials such as rare materials, rubber, ceramics, fabrics, leather, and more in one watch model.


Hublot is also the first watch company that developed a rubber watch strap, and it continues to engineer such materials in their new watch models, such as the “King Gold” alloy. Hublot watches were quick to captivate watchmakers and enthusiasts in the world, even famous artists, celebrities, and musicians. 

This article will surely help you land on the right Hublot model for you if you’re planning to get a Hublot watch. Each Hublot watch is made of elegant designs and structures. Here are five of the best Hublot watches you can get today. 

One-Click King Gold Blue Diamonds

This Hublot watch offers a simpler design compared to the other mentioned earlier. One-Click King Gold Blue Diamonds are under the Big Bang Hublot collection. The watch features a 39mm case made of Gold case, and it displays the simplest watch design. 

The watch also features clear and readable numbers in dark surroundings because of the blue-colored dial. The hour and minute indicators are made of gold too. The watch contains a gold bezel with 6 H-shaped screws made of titanium, so it is very durable. 

Unico White Gold Paraiba Hublot

If you’re used to vintage chronograph watches, this Unico White Gold Paraiba watch from Hublot is the one to get. This watch features an attractive, sophisticated, and classic design, and it displays the utmost creativity a watch can withhold. 

This is a luxurious wrist watch that features a well-polished case of white gold. The hands-and-a-hour indicators of this watch offer a uniform look, and it has the Hublot signature stamp in the blue color. 

Gold Purple Amethyst Hublot

This watch is mistakenly taken as a women’s watch, but men can also wear it. Hublot’s Gold Purple Amethyst is popular because of its white dial with a purple-colored bezel with an Amethyst set. The case is also made of 18K gold. 

The watch is different from the other models because it uses an Arabic numeral for the minutes and hours indicators. It also has a caliber HUB4300, which makes the watch go long for 42 hours. 

Calavera Catrina Hublot King Gold

If you’re looking for a glamorous watch that will fit your party outfit, this Hublot Calavera Catrina watch is the watch for you. This watch is exclusive from Hublot, and it is only offered to 50 people. With that, you will have the opportunity to showcase this elegant and refined watch and stand out from the others. 

The watch features a blend of different Mexican culture and offers magnificent craftsmanship. The case is made of King Gold, and it features a set of multi-colored sapphires. The inner casing features a glass dial, and it even has a rainbow imprint of a Mexican skull. 

Nicky Jam Hublot Meca-10 King Gold

Hublot’s “Nicky Jam” is the perfect resemblance of a Reggaeton genre. The watch is dedicated to the dance hit of Nicky Jam, and if you are a fan of the song, you can dive into the jam while wearing this Hublot watch. 

The watch is ideal for anyone looking for something unique in themselves while staying on their groove. This watch model lets wearers feel the vibe from within and do their daily tasks with a hint of class and jazz. 

Hublot’s Nicky Jam watch features a colorful and aesthetically-structured watch that will fit perfectly with what you wear. The case of the watch measures 45mm, and it is beautifully polished by 18K gold. The watch also features a bright set of yellow, green, and orange sapphires.


Although many watchmakers and enthusiasts say that Hublot is not part of the big watch brands, one should not underestimate it. Hublot is a watch brand that offers a good sense of artistry, and each watch is drizzled with such great creativity. Hublot watches are precise and worth every penny.